Contact Details

If you are not into contact forms then you can send me an email directly by using the following address:


You can also find me on Instagram and Youtube… I’ll add some links here soon.



What is this Website for? is a hub for news, blog posts, music, videos and merchandise for the music artist Super Sun Hero

What is the Best Way to Communicate with Super Sun Hero?

If you want to ask me something perhaps send an email? Or if you want to stay in the loop then subscribe the the mailing list, then you will receive 1 or 2 newsletters a month.

Can I Hire Super Sun Hero?

If the project resonates with me and the time is right then I will be available to work with you. I offer Music Production, Mixing and Tuition services, send me an email if you want me.

Where Can I Find the Latest News About Super Sun Hero?

You can subscribe to the newsletter and if you click on the logo you will be taken to the “latest” page which displays my most recent endeavours.

How Can I Support Super Sun Hero?

I am an independent artist so crowd funding is especially beneficial to allowing me to continue and complete projects. If you would like to support me then… click here.

Where Can I Watch Super Sun Hero Perform?

Currently there are no gigs lined up as I’m concentrating on writing and building this website, but stay tuned as there will be gigs in the future.